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Founded in Grandbazaar, Istanbul in 1974; Terzihan creates vibrant, sharp and iconic jewellery collections bringing together traditional jewelry making techniques with a contemporary and edgy style.
Coming from a rich family heritage of imperial sartors dating back to the 1800’s, Terzihan’s designs are timeless yet vibrant creating an unmistakable yet irresistible charm with the strong use of natural colors and unorthodox forms.

Since the foundation of Terzihan, each jewel has been expertly crafted within our attelier in Istanbul allowing for complete quality control which reflects in the warranty with all pieces guaranteed for life.
Terzihan’s aim is to provoke and capture every single eye in the room, in any occasion. Whilst allowing the wearer to expose their style and creativity, without compromise.

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Arguably the most glamorous, sumptuous and unique jewellery boutique in the city; Terzihan is one of Lisbon’s best kept secret.

Welcoming and luxurious, with a touch of its sartorial soul, Terzihan’s Avenida Liberdade Boutique continues to welcome friends of the brand
Terzihan’s Atelier continues to serve the brand with its team of 8 special craftsmen and its location at the historical heart of Istanbul, the city of master jewellers, where the brand and the family is rooted.

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Terzihan’s Multicolor Medallion is a special piece dedicated to one of the most powerful values in the world: DIVERSITY.
The medallion, carrying all the sapphire colors the world has known so far, cherishes the colors of life and all humanity.
The medallion, produced only in 5 pieces, is presented in Harrods, London

‘’As a brand born and expanded into a large geography from Eastern to the Western point of Europe; we believe in embracing who you are, just the way you are. Different cultures and people make this world a beautiful place, just as different colors make this medallion beautiful.’’

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Terzihan’s Atelier is a workshop / boutique in the historic center of Istanbul, combining traditional jewelery techniques with modern, visionary designs and a production practice that has been serving the family for over 20 years.

As a team of nine masters experienced in various crafts such as goldsmithing, prototyping, 3D design, diamond installation, baguette and fancy cut, welding and polishing . Terzihan’s studio continues to provide the best jewelery creation methods.